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How to Download the Bill files in Telstra MBRS using Microsoft Edge


As Telstra MBRS portal is a legacy system and has no update for handling a modern browser and Internet Explorer has been decommissioning for a while now, it is a challenge to download the bill file using non-IE browsers.

The issue is that when you click the download, a message pops up quickly and disappears. At the bottom of the browser, there is no pop-up to save the file.

Accessing is never a problem – only downloading the bill caused an issue.


The client usually has access to this MBRS portal and downloads the bill itself.

We had this situation where the Telstra team downloaded the bill on behalf of the client. We are intrigued that they are managing to get download the billing file via Microsoft Edge. After discussing with them, we found no changes in Edge however it has an option to launch in IE mode from the Edge – self contains within Microsoft Edge. It is similar to opening the Internet Explorer browser directly if you enable the option in Windows Features.

Ad-hoc Access

Note: For security reasons, it recommends using this approach.

Get the URL of the MBRS portal. Each client will have a unique URL[client_name]/Default.aspx

Open up the Microsoft Edge browser.

Add a new tab.

Paste the URL into the tab.

Telstra MBRS Portal

Right-click the tab.

Select the Reload tab in Internet Explorer mode.

Under the URL and you will see this:

Microsoft Edge – IE

Click the Done button.

The tab will now have an old IE logo.

IE Logo

Log in as usual, and it should be able now to download the billing file.

30 Days Access

Open up the Microsoft Edge.

Go to … > Settings > Default Browser

You can add the MBRS URL to this Internet Explorer mode pages section by clicking the Add button.

Enter the URL and click the Add button.

If you type the URL in the tab, it will appear automatically in IE mode.

Note: This page will open in Internet Explorer for 30 days from the date you add the page.

The End

Congratulation on reaching the end of this article. We hope we have shed some light on outlining how to Download the Bill files in Telstra MBRS using Microsoft Edge.

We write this so that this is not a fixed article. Like in this journey, we learn as we go and re-write some parts, so please keep pinging with this article.

We also would love to hear about how you deal with the situation and what problems you might be facing. Please feel free to comment below this article and let us know if you have any questions we can answer! Thanks again!

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