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What do you need to know about HP Laptop Extended Warranty (Post Warranty)


As dealing with a standard corporate 3 years onsite warranty on all laptops/desktops, the client has a corporate policy change that needs to implement. We need to extend to have 5 years on-site warranty in total. The challenge is that with HP you can not just purchase any time like Dell.


HP Support gave the solution where within 9 months of purchasing the laptop and the initial extended warranty, you can extend the warranty. After that, you can not. We asked if there is another solution, and they say no!!!

So we discussed this with our HP supplier and turned out – there is a solution which you can buy the Additional 1 year Post Warranty Carepaq. This can be purchased within 30 days Prior to expiry or 30 days after expiry. You can buy this from HP directly or any HP supplier.

Always check the supplier or Account Manager if you have one!



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