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How to Install the Webmin on Ubuntu 20.04

  • 3 September 2022

Background We spin a few Virtual Machines on Microsoft Azure for the internal network, and the image has no Webmin installed by default – not like in this previous post – A Complete Setup Guide for Contabo VPS Ubuntu 20.04 with preinstalled Webmin + LAMP. Webmin is a web-based tool admins use to manage Ubuntu […]

Feature Security

How to Harden the Ubuntu Server in 2022

  • 19 March 2022

Background As we started using more cloud-based applications for the hosting of our website and applications, we compiled a blog post about how to secure Ubuntu and ensure it’s properly hardened against cyber-attacks. It’s important to note that even with the steps described above, it’s impossible to prevent all cyber-attacks against a website. The most […]