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How to Troubleshoot for Compatibility Mode Issue on Legacy ASP.NET 2

Solution See this article on How to forcefully set compatibility mode off from the server-side – Note: Pageviews – 2,005 (before migrated from Dewalist Blog website on 09/08/2020)

Dev-Notes: Universal Windows Platform Development Series

Resources UWP 001 Series – Introduction – Notes: Pageviews – 1,099 (before migrated from Dewalist Blog website on 09/08/2020)

Dev-Notes: Exploring Unity for 3D Modelling and Gaming

Resources Unity 5 Tutorial For Beginners – How To Make A Game – Part 1 – XX

How to Troubleshoot in Deploying App via Git/BitBucket or manually to Azure/DigitalOcean

Git Bash Change the location of the WAMP directory. By default goes to directory and if you are running WAMP the folder is supposed to be pointed to C:\wamp\www cd /c/wamp/www Command to undo git init rm -rf .git Commands  to add and commit the additional changes, and then push…

How to Troubleshoot for a Legacy Survey Application Running on ASP.NET 2.0

We built this legacy application back in 2007 and have a major upgrade on 2009 and been running since then but then there is no much activity since 2014. Then reassure-ct again in late 2015. Couple findings Error on the session This is a bit shock cause .cs file is…

Dev-Notes: Exploring Ionic Framework and Angular JS

Installation Download and install node.js – version 4.2.2 LTSDownload and install Bash commands Installing cordova ionic: npm install -g cordova ionic cd ~/Desktopionic start practiceMobileAppcd practiceMobileAppnpm install angular-mocks         (this will add folder called node_modules/angular_mocks in the application)ionic serve cd ~/Desktopionic start flickerApp flickerAppionic serve cd ~/Desktopionic start blankApp…

Dev-Notes: Exploring Laravel 5 PHP Framework

To install the Laravel application Create a folder under C:\Wamp\www\Application1 Go to Application1 folder Type in composer create-project laravel/laravel –prefer-dist To run php artisan in Windows Run a command line into Laravel project in this case C:\WAMP\www\xxx\laravel php artisan –help Database configuration /.env Fix CORS temp Add the following code…