Can Your “Phone” Do This?

The way synchronising my email, contact and calendar directly from Microsoft Exchange mail server is the first intrigue me to jump in. With Blackberry unless you are in corporate world who have access to Blackberry Enterprise server than you will be disappointed not having your contact and calendar synchronise. Secondly, I loved Viigo so much in BB and I found the alternative one called Newsstand in iPhone. Lastly, BB has BB Messenger which admit is great tool among BB users but with increasing people facebooking, msn messenger, gtalk etc etc so a single app such as eBuddy enough for me to cater more people to reach out.

Other thing is that I didn’t think this iPhone as a “phone” but it’s more like my apps which you can access short news, checking road traffic, you-tubing, facebooking, tweeting, checking train/bus/ferries schedule, listening podcast/music/stand up comedy/book, reading ebooks, checking ticket officer and lastly I can turn my phone into Star Wars light saber.

Here’s the 10 list of my iPhone apps:

  1. Newsstand. It’s a RSS reader with unique interface. Skim over the latest headlines on a beautiful rack of newspapers or use the powerful classic interface to read and organise feeds.
  2. Pkt Weather. This weather app with steroid is more advance than a normal weather app.
  3. TweetDeck. You can manage your tweets as well as facebook message in a single interface.
  4. TripView. Checking the train, bus and ferries schedule.
  5. Traffic AU. While you are driving, checking the traffic around you.
  6. ReadItLater. In conjunction with Newsstand, you can just bookmark the reading so you can read it later.
  7. MapKats. It’s very cool app for monitoring the ticket officer around you based on what people posting it.
  8. Shazam. Sometimes you are listening radio in the car and you want to find the title of the music that currently playing. So all you need to do is just put this device and tap in to your speaker and within few second it will tell you the name of the song etc etc.
  9. ShowMeTheLoo. It’s another cool app that tell you the nearest location of the public toilet using the GPS. It’s very handy if you meeting somewhere and you really need to go toilet.
  10. Cricket. I am a learner for cricket. The only way to enjoy the game is by playing the game.

Like my friend told me. I said back to you: Can your phone do that?

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