How to utilise your Spotify premium subscription so you can listen separately up to 3 devices?


For people that have family (wife and kids) that love to listen music and love the Spotify, you can use 1 single account to listen up to 3 devices saperately. But the question is how?


In order to have listen into 3 different devices separately, you need to create 3 playlists (ie Playlist #1, #2 and #3). Add song into the playlist.

On your mobile phone #1, you download Spotify and login with your active account.

Once you login, then you can see all playlist. Select the playlist #1. Set YES for Available Offline. This will download all songs into your phone.

On the right bottom corner, click More button. Then select Settings. Set ON for Offline Mode.

Do the same thing for other devices.

Now you can listen music up to 3 devices.


Technology related

  • Spotify Premium account
  • iPhone or any other phones
  • Windows/MAC desktop/laptop

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