Supporting Dell Hardware


Try to do housekeeping first (the basic step) and this will help them to narrow down the issue and solve the problem quickly.

PC Troubleshooting methods

  1. Have a service tag handy
  2. Run diagnostics – Restart the PC and press F12 and select Diagnostics. The basic test took only 5 minutes while the complete one took about 30 minutes.

High Pitch Issue

  • Take out the speaker by opening keyboard
  • Replace hard drive
  • Run diagnostics
  • Put the CD into CD-bay and let it run
  • Update the sound card driver from Dell Support
  • It seems that if the disc start to write and sound is gone but when idle then the noise comes up again

Blue Screen Death (iastorv.sys)

  • Can’t get the memory dump both small and complete. It’s failed.
  • Possibly related on the Windows Update which is updating one of the driver.
  • Dell can’t pin point this issue and the only way to do it is to reinstall the OS.
  • Reinstall the Windows OS solved the problem.

Rebuilding Dell Latitude E6400 Manually

  • Install Windows Vista Business 32 bit using Reinstalation DVD Windows Vista Vusines 32BIT SP1 DVD
  • Giving the standard PC name
  • Install drivers from Dell Drivers and utilities DVD
  • Do Windows Update
  • Install Microsoft Office 2007 Business/Professional
  • Install Dell Application DVD – Cyberlink PowerDVD (comes from Dell)
  • Install Roxio Creator 9.0 DE DVD (comes from Dell)
  • Install CutePDF
  • Install Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Install Adobe Flash Player
  • Create H (home directory)
  • Create S (shared) drives
  • Change the Workgroup/Domain
  • Copy I386 folder into temp folder


  • Dell Latitude E6400
  • Microsoft Windows Business 32 bits
  • Contact number for Dell Premium Support: 1300 661 702

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