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How to Do The Firmware Update including BIOS and Chipset

Method of Firmware Update Each vendor has its own way to do the firmware update including the BIOS and chipset, and firmware. Clearly, the easiest way is to go to the vendor website for Driver and Downloads and download and install manually. In addition, there is an installed application running…

sleep mode

What is the behaviour of Sleep mode on a laptop

User might not knowing the right behaviour of the sleep mode on a laptop. The user can make an assumption that the machine was shut itself. Depending on the configuration, usually, on battery mode, the display was shut after 30 minutes as well as the machine sleep. By default, the…

11 Basic Step for Troubleshooting of Un-bootable laptop

Challenge Power on the laptop and after a few seconds it shut down itself. Try again and it’s the same thing. Solution Taking from vendor support, here’s the basic step: 1. Take out the battery and power from the computer and wait for a few seconds. Then press the power…