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How to Troubleshoot in Deploying App via Git/BitBucket or manually to Azure/DigitalOcean

Git Bash

  • Change the location of the WAMP directory. By default goes to [username@machinename] directory and if you are running WAMP the folder is supposed to be pointed to C:\wamp\www
cd /c/wamp/www
  • Command to undo git init
rm -rf .git
  • Commands  to add and commit the additional changes, and then push the changes to the remote repository:
git add index.html 
git commit -m "Celebration" 
git push azure master


  • When setting up Laravel web application, the main page is loading as HTTP 500 Error, to find out is to check the Apache log.

The Apache’s log for Ubuntu is located under:

  • The Welcome page is up but the rest of the routing is not working. Made some adjustments on Apache: 

Enable mod_rewrite on the apache server:

sudo a2enmod rewrite

Edit /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, changing the “AllowOverride” directive for the /var/www directory (which is my main document root):

AllowOverride All

Then restart the Apache server:

sudo service apache2 restart



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