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What are the Verification steps for Accessing Citrix ShareFile

  • 5 July 2022

Background We gave access to a particular folder within the client extranet in Citrix ShareFile to multiple organisations. The process is straightforward; a small proportion of users cannot access this. Solution Here’s the step-by-step: Account Verification First, you receive confirmation from the Citrix ShareFile administrator that they give you access. Check your email from [email protected], […]


How to Support the Citrix ShareFile (Citrix Files)

  • 22 June 2022
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Challenge & Solution [2022-06-22] Originally, this post was written back in May 2021 on Dewacorp’s blog website. We consolidated all tech blogs into this place and we reformat the content to suit Dewapost’s guidelines. As we find more and more issues with Citrix ShareFile, we just group these challenges and solutions into a single post. […]


Integration-Notes: Citrix ShareFile Application and Microsoft Office 365 on iPad

  • 15 April 2016

Solution When opening up with Word/Excel app for advanced editing from ShareFile, the process is to copy a file and save either to OneDrive or any cloud drive as well as an iPad. The file needs to somehow be copied back to Citrix ShareFile manually. Credits Photo by Ketut Subiyanto: [Note: Page views – […]