How to Keep Viewing the Phone Screen – not turning to the Blank Screen while Remoting Access via Splashtop SOS


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We had a few issues when remoting access to the Android mobile to give support vis Splashtop SOS application. It was connecting but then a few seconds later it turns out blank screen from the technician’s side.

We kept asking to kill the app and redo it again and it happened all the time.


It turned out that after the user managing connecting the remote access, the user holds the phone and put it close to their ears as there was a noise and could not hear from the speakerphone.

Splashtop SOS website

Every time the user does this, it triggers the blank screen from the remote technician’s view.

We advised the user to put the phone into a speaker or use Bluetooth earphones and leave the phone on the table.

It is a simple solution but it took a while to figure out what it is.

The End

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