How to Troubleshoot for Keeping Boot Up All the Time on Windows 10


The machine is an Apple iMac and utilised bootcamp for running Windows 10. The machine has been tested and deployed for almost 1 month and suddenly the machine always keeping in reboot state and restore all the time.


After setting up to make the machine to have the small memory dump and no restart, the initial finding that it’s something to do with keyagent.sys. This particular driver is relating on Apple in general. After back and forth to Apple and Apple basically saying that because they only support up to installing the Bootcamp and soon after that it’s not their responsible and it needs to go Microsoft Support instead.

Eventually the machine gets redo the Bootcamp from beginning. At this stage, accidentally noticed when you do the Windows Updates, there is a driver that needs to be installed automatically (Intel Display Pro). Soon installing this driver, the machine went black and restart and trying to restore again so it’s similar symptom !!!

End up there is a configuration apparently from Windows 10 to NOT to install driver automatically (under System > Advanced System Setting > Hardware tab > Device Installation Settings > No > Never install driver software from Windows Updates) but in Windows Updates item stil; showing the Intel Driver Display Pro plus the rest of Windows KBs to be downloaded/installed. So we need to reset this Windows Updates component and found away to do this via and after couple reboots and the driver is gone.


  • Apple iMac
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home

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